Monday, 13 July 2015

Day trip out.

I know that this is going to look like a non-wargaming, touristy type of post but bear with me, there is an ulterior motive.
  Back in August last year I mentioned that I was thinking about a WW II Solo alternate history campaign in which D-Day went pear shaped and the Germans invaded Kent later in the year. This thought has been bubbling away ever since then. Yesterday, Ma Subs, our friends and myself went out for the day to Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Reculver -a round trip of nearly 85 miles. All over Canterbury there are loads of old buildings nestling comfortably alongside architecture of a more modern nature. Wattle and daub next to cladding, brickwork and concrete. All grist to building making mill for the above-mentioned campaign. So, during the whole trip I took about 150 pictures of various building types for inspiration.
Still got to get the Brits for the campaign though. Had a really good day and the weather remained quite pleasant with the old current bun showing its tardy face later in the day..

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Lee Hadley said...

Always good to do a bit of recon.