Thursday, 6 August 2015

The campaign is evolving.

Well, I have definitely been bitten by the WW II campaign bug. The dearth of British has been resolved and I now have the equivalent of a British Armoured Division...apart from some infantry, but that will be sorted out soon.
  Currently I am painting the British and have three Sherman and Firefly tank regiments (14 models each), 1 x SP Artillery battalion (7 models), 1 x 6pdr AT Battalion (13 models), a 25pdr FA Battalion (9 models) and a Recce Regiment (20 models including Dingos, Daimler ACs, Staghounds, Stuart light tanks and a couple of M3 GMCs). As I already have the German Aufklarungs Abteilung I think before I go much further I will have a little solo set-to to work out any glitches in my solo opposition rules, (or even throwing them out and starting again).
  As a wargaming magpie -probably like most wargamers- I was lucky enough to keep a set of Modern Campaign Rules that I wrote about fifteen years ago. Unfortunately they were typed so I have been typing them up as a Word File and adapting them as I go for WWII.
  In line with the project I have made more scenery. I recently re-read Big Lee's blog entry about roads at

and decided to give it a go myself. So far, using the foam and wet and dry paper method, I have made about 25 feet of 30mm wide macadamised road which is perfect for rural Kent. I can definitely recommend the idea. I've also made about a dozen pieces of hedge line using the clump foliage glued to painted lolly stick system. Once it's all dry dot some PVA along base where there are gaps and sprinkle with static grass. (As I'm writing this at 11 o'clock at night I'll have to post some pictures next time.) I've also started on a lot more buildings using the local photo's I have taken over the last couple of years as inspiration. Again photo's at a later date.
  That's about all that's happened here, I will post more when there is more to post.


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