Friday, 10 July 2015

Takeda Samurai Army from the Sengoku Period.

Last month I painted all the Irregular 6mm Samurai I had and decided to do some of the clans that made up the army of Takeda Shingen. Later I will do the army of his enemy Uesugai Kenshin -in fact I found another 4 ashigaru blocks so they will be the first of the new force.
 Takeda Shingen's own troops.

 Troops of Shingen's younger brother, Takeda Nobushige

The troops of the Ichijo clan under the command of Ichijo Nobutatsu.

 Naito clan under  Naito Masatoya.

 The Obata clan commanded by Obata Masamori.

Oba clan under Oba Toramasa. He was another general  who outfitted his troops in all red armour. It was known as the 'red regiment' or the the 'red fire unit'.

Not pictured are some ashigaru belonging to the Baba clan (Baba Nobuharu) and of the Tsuchiya clan (Tsuchiya Masatsugu).

Now I know that some of the mon are different ie the Takeda family -Takeda Nobushige for example- and some close retainers are also shown as having the same diamond Takeda mon as Shingen only on different coloured backgrounds but I went for a bit of variety. In fact Nobushige's design on my figures has been taken from his uma-jirishi -larger, personal standard- rather than a white diamond on a black background. Naito Masatoya could also have the Takeda mon only in red with a white background. (And anyway, single lines across a 6mm sashimono are sooo much easier to paint than diamonds, trust me in this!