Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cavalier Show in Tonbridge, Kent 2015.

There seemed to be fewer traders, less games on show and less people than last year -and it wasn't just me, others commented as well.
   Despite that I still had a good time, chatting to my very long standing mate from Southend, Lee of Postie's Rejects, and others. It was great to catch up.
   I had gone with a definite purpose, to see what was about in the FPW market in the way of books etc. So I had a wonder around and picked up a copy of  Howard's The Franco-Prussian War which , I have been told by various people, that is a bl**dy good book. This is the first book I have bought since Jean and Auerstadt last year, I believe at the same show! Later, I was talking to Andy Badger of Pilum Painting ( and noticed a box of books at the right of his stand. I carried on chatting , slowly edging my way over to have a quick look after another bloke had finished. He pulled out a book and said 'I'll have this one.' I looked over purely out of curiosity and noticed that it was Bruce Weigle's 1870 rules, priced at £10. Gutted! Thirty seconds earlier and I would have nabbed them as well. But I did get  a copy of Warring Empires rules by Chris Pringle which look fast but interesting.

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Ray Rousell said...

Shame I didn't bump into you at the show, I've left a message on your mobile, give me a ring back.