Friday, 20 February 2015

Latest Daubings

During January, Ma Subs went off for a few days to stay with MO, his wife and our baby granddaughter. Time to get some serious painting done thinks I. Well, as it happened, the vivit was cut short but nonetheless I managed to get started on some Irregular 6mm FPW that had been in the 6mm draw for at least a couple of decades. The only reason I can think of to paint them was seeing some nicely painted chaps by Leman (used to be the Dour Puritan) on the Pendraken Forum.
   To date, apart from 4 half painted blocks of Imperial Guard, the French are now complete and I have now started on the Prussians. When I say complete, what I mean is all of the figures that I have on the premises are now painted.
   This was never going to be a major, major project but the research and the painting has been interesting. I would also like to thank Leman and Mollinary on the aforementioned Pendraken forum for their help.

So here is the evidence:

 French Infantry Regiment

 Some of the units.

Chasseur Battalion 

The first Prussian Infantry Battlaion. 

French artillery. 

 Imperial Guard.

 All of the French to date

MacMahon and his immediate entourage. 

 Lancer Regiment

Chasseur a cheval Regiment.

This last picture has been added to show my method of unit numbering. This battalion is the I battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment. ( I can't be bothered to use French terminology.)


Robert De Angelis said...

While resisiting all urges to invest , I do find this era attractive. Partly because it's so well documented, it has TRAINS, and it could share the extensive scenary I have for napoleonics. One day!!

Subedai said...

I am lucky, I bought this lot years ago when they were a lot less expensive. I also have one of the Irregular train sets and am currently wondering whether chamfered foamboard would be strong enough to use for embankments with the track running along the top.
But as you say, European terrain can be used for a number of period, after all, there are plenty of examples of French medieval towns still standing if you need inspiration.