Thursday, 8 January 2015

Putting my money where my mouth is.

I thought it was about time that I actually showed you some of the Mongols that I am forever pontificating about.
Firstly in 6mm -all Irregular Miniatures. (Picture taken from an earlier post on the blog.)

Now in 10mm. Most of these are Irregular from wwwaaayyy back and I've not long finished the last of the light cavalry for the second tumen. This is a picture of a single tumen in battle order with the HC at the fore to start with. The LC would soon move through or around them in sequence to bombard the enemy. When the commander deemed the time was right he would send in the HC while the LC continued to harass the flanks and rear of the enemy. At the rear of the formation  is the tuman-u-noyan next to the base of remounts. (The commander and his retinue are from Magister Militum...I think). I have two tumat made by Irregular; this one is at almost full strength of nine units while the other is smaller with only six units of LC and 2 of HC. The third -and still under construction is by Pendraken and will consist of four units of LC and two of HC. In the future I will get some LC to round it off a little more.

This second pic shows the LC on the move. The front centre two units have opened out into a line to pin the enemy frontally while the two flanking units move around the flanks. The remainder of the LC move up to support either manoeuvre. The HC are now at the rear of the formation but are ready to move in any direction.

My 15mm Mongols -by a number of manufacturers- are under a repaint order and a total of 28 out of 130 or so of them have been finished.

In 25/28mm again a number of manufacturers are represented including Irregular, Curteys, First Corps and Warrior to name but a few. Below is a selection. 

Next time I will post some pictures of the opposition armies.

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