Sunday, 11 January 2015

Putting my money where my mouth is: Part Deux.

In the last post I said I would post some pics of my opposition armies. Well, here they are.

First up are the Khwarizmians (they double up as Sassanids if there is a Roman amy in the area). Like the 6mm Mongols from teh previous post I don't have any game pics as yet but I'm thinking about it. Watch this space!
Also, I would like to say that the bases of these -and the Mongols- have been repainted to match my boards and they look a lot better for it! Both armies are at least 25 years old.

I also have Khwazmians and Polish in 10mm: Mongols on the left, Khwarzmians on the right. The Khwarizmians are still very much a WIP -only 99 cavalry and 30 infantry painted so far. All Irregular but I have some Pendraken infantry in the painting queue.

 Some of the units from the ongoing Polish army. I have 183 infantry and 80 cavalry painted with another 30 cavalry and 60 infantry to go. All Pendraken.

There are no 15mm opposition armies but as the Mongols aren't painted yet that isn't a problem.

Moving on to 25/28mm. I have two armies, one of Poles and the other of Russians, both culled from a number of manufacturers.

 The complete Polish army with Duke Henry of Silesia in the centre of the line with his yellow caparisoned steed and eagle standard. This was a set up in the back garden last year, hence the decent lighting.

 The Poles in action at the Alumwell Show in 2007.

Part of the Russian Army, the druzina cavalry screened by some polovtsi. The buildings on the left are home made by me.

Russian levy infantry under attack from Mongol HC. Again taken at the Alumwell Show.

I couldn't close the post without a picture of Chinggis Khan's favourite command hound, Snoopy Khan. (My daughter found him for me way back when.)


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent looking figures Mike!! So was the giant Snoopy!

Subedai said...

Cheers Ray.

Are Postie's Rejects at Tunbridge Wells this year?