Friday, 12 September 2014

Completed Challenge and a bit of SciFi history

Again, using the same link as above, you will see that I have completed the challenge and posted the pictures as proof. These SciFi figures were bought on E-Bay from what appears to be a small unlisted company but are quite nice little figures. A few months ago I had an idea of resurrecting my SciFi RPG system that was written way back in the 80’s with a friend, John Priest, which we named StarQuest.
Now this chap is quite a character. When I met him he was a occasional member of the Circle Battle Group in that his work took him away a lot of the time. He was a Special Effects fellow who did some work on the film Labyrinth, having a hand in making the little fairies that Hoggle swats and also worked on the small wall based worm character.
So I bought a few figures online but am still looking for generic RPG-type SciFi figures rather than the omnipresent chaps in battle armour and festooned with all manner of nasty weapons. That project is still bubbling away.
Anyway, not only have I finished the figure, I thought that, in line with the rest of the world, I would make a charitable donation. I chose the Combat Stress Appeal Charity championed by Henry Hyde as the recipient. They can be found at .


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