Saturday, 6 September 2014

Wargamers equivalent to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

If you go to Wargames Directory Facebook page

you will notice that I have been challenged by Richard Watts aka 'Eccles' on the WD3 forum to paint a single figure, any scale, any period, and post a pic on the page by Friday 12th August. Now as you are probably aware, akin to many other wargamers I have a lead mountain -nothing new there- but do you think I could think of one single figure to paint that was not part of an army? So, earlier today I had a quick rummage, dismissing 6mm as too small, 10mm as I have no single figures waiting for paint, no 25/28 to speak of so that only left one scale 15mm. then I remembered I had ordered some 15mm Sci Fi figures for a yet-to-start RPG campaign that I co-wrote -along with a friend named John Priest- back in the 80's and have never got round to playing. So now I have a 15mm Sci Fi figure prepped and ready to go once the undercoat has dried. There will be pics on the above page when I have finished the little chap.


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