Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What I have got up to recently...plus the launch of my little venture.

Yes, I know it’s been a long time between posts but sometimes you think, shall I, is it worth it or whatever, I’ll write one tomorrow. And so it goes on and on, procrastination reigns supreme therefore bu**er all gets done.

So, catch up time. I’ve been keeping reasonably up to date with all the wargaming worldly affairs by the various internet sites, including reading other people’s blogs and thinking my focus is cr*p and Bookface with all its wargaming pages. But outside of that most of my spare time has been focussed on two things, football and trying to write a book.

 Being the Secretary of the Youth Programme at Sittingbourne FC is a complete eye-opener. Not only have the responsibility of making sure that all the relevant league paperwork –I have to with four different leagues- is in the right hands by the right time, I also am on the committee for the First team and am one of the three official club photographers! So, nearly every Saturday afternoon and sometimes on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening I am out ‘with the football’ as Ma Subs eloquently and succinctly describes my wanderings across the south east of England. Luckily, as I cannot drive, my mate is the designated driver as well as being the Youth Chairman and on the main committee. But talk about unlucky. Most of our youth teams play their matches at the ground in Sittingbourne about nine miles away. This Sunday our U15 team are away to…yes, you guessed it, Maidstone… and the ground is a 10 minute walk away from the house! Of course, after a swift mental argument, common sense won the day and I will be at the SELWG show at Crystal Palace instead.

On the other topic, I spent a while getting my book in a position where I can hawk it out to publishers. It’s with one at the moment and I am expecting a rejection at any time. But perseverance is the order of the day and I will carry on. Not saying too much about it at the moment but if someone takes it I will shout it across the rooftops. Well, you have to your own trumpet occasionally, don’t you?

In other, breaking news. (More shameless plugging.)

I have just started a new venture –ready made and painted 6mm buildings. 

The current ranges are:
Dark Ages -can be used across Europe.
Northern Europe - both rural and town and most are suitable from the Medieval to Modern periods. 
Central European and Russian rural. Medieval to Modern.
Desert -Adobe/Middle eastern style.
Ruins -late Nineteenth Century to Modern. 
Jacobean and Stuart -half timbered style. Can be mixed with 
European half timbered -different construction style and colours. Both are suitable from the specified period forwards in time. 
Mediterranean -Spanish types with terracotta roofing tiles.

I have also just started a range specifically for the modern period with a mix of commercial, town and rural building types. 

Please have a look at and leave a comment on my page at:


It is with the Northern Europe Range that I am using for a small FPW solo game that I am running at the moment.

Just a few pictures to show the basic terrain layout. 

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