Sunday, 17 April 2016

Huzzah, Husaria!

This morning I finally finished the bases on my first banner of Polish husaria and the weather has been rather sunny I thought I would take some pictures in natural light. I have no idea of the unit name but the lance pennants are from the Stockholm Roll. The standard is contemporary (apparently) but whether the pennants and standard are from the same banner is anybody's guess.  I also took the opportunity to take some better pictures of the infantry from the previous post. Next on the list is a unit of pancerni cavalry.


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Very very effective. Natural sunlight makes taking pictures a lot easier. Well done with these

Mick Allen said...

They look great. Why 10mm and not 15mm. What do you prefer about the scale. Also really like the base foliage , what Di you use.

Subedai said...

I've got 15's as well (unpainted) -the old Mikes Models figures- but I don't think there are enough for a decent sized force. I rather like the 10mm size, they seem to me to be the new '15's' if you know what I mean. On my 5' x 4' table 10's are a better option rather than 15's and of course they are easier and quicker to paint. The other point is that nowadays I collect both sides so 10s are a better financial option. I already have Mongols, Chinese, Medieval Polish, EIR Romans and generic Barbarians so the scale is not a new one to me.

The base is painted in a Dulux mix colour Code 5010Y30R then dry brushed with any light colour you have eg beige or cream. The static grass is a mix of all different types, if I'm running low I will buy a medium or light colour mix every so often and then add it to my remaining mixture. The clumpy stuff can be found here:

Mick Allen said...

Great stuff. A very thorough answer. I've got a large AWI set American and British. The figures look great but I'be resisted painted them because I'm then thinking 10mm terrain etc.. I guess deep down I know that would probably be hooked. It's a real alternative to 15mm and 6mm combining the best of both. Decisions decisions . I've got to say you'be done a lovely job and that's inspiring.

Subedai said...

Thanks for that mate.
10mm terrain isn't really that difficult to do, in fact some 6mm stuff is a little on the large size and the Chinese trees I bought off fleabay will do both scales (had I not previously made all my own for 6mm.

The AWI...hmmm, never had an interest in that at all but some of the people on the Pendraken forum have done a decent job on the 10mm chaps. Have a look. (Not trying to influence you of course.),10120.msg120798.html#msg120798
and here,14025.msg198808.html#msg198808