Thursday, 14 April 2016

First of the Renaissance Polish

I asked a mate to pick up a Pendraken 10mm Renaissance Polish Battlepack for me from the York show and I got them from him at Cavalier so I've been painting them ever since. Unfortunately you don't get any command figures in the pack so I had to put in order for those. In the meantime, all 84 of the hadjuks were painted and based plus I started on the first unit of husaria; all the comrades are done and the command -officer, kettle-drummer and trumpeter are half way finished -including a two-tone horse for the officer. (Pictures on completion) After that I have a 12 figure unit of mounted Cossack LC, a 30 figure unit of Cossack infantry and a unit of 15 Polish Wybranieke (peasant levy) archers. Gostomski's and Kazimierz are taken from the Stockholm Roll which shows the wedding procession of King Sigismund III in 1605. It is useful because it shows other units as well including hadjuks and husaria with examples of the lance banners.

All the standards are hand painted by me and all the pictures are clickable.

It can be found here:

 Hadjuk unit of H. Gostomski who was the wojewoda (military leader) of Poznan -a private unit either from his retainers or from the city levy and paid for by him.
 A hadjuk unit from Karimierz
Hadjuk's from Sandomirz.
The uniform is a green coat with red lining and the standard is copied from the city coat of arms. Whether the uniform is accurate or not I don't know, but the colours go and the sources only say that blue, yellow  and red  were the most popular that is enough of a grey area for me.  

All three units together.


Ray Rousell said...

Spectacular work Mike!

Ray Rousell said...

Spectacular work Mike!

Steve J. said...

Those are lovely and colourful. Look forward to seeing more units:)

Lee Hadley said...

Beautiful work. They look amazing.

Andy McMaster said...

Spot on, mate. Spot on!

Subedai said...

Thanks lads. the figures almost paint themselves they are so nice.(If only.)