Sunday, 28 June 2015

Broadside 2015

I do like this show. It’s in Sittingbourne –normally about 35 minutes by bus but 1hour 20minutes by train with one change since the swines changed the times of the bus service. Notwithstanding that I had a really good day apart from the fact that I had inadvertently changed the setting for the number of pixies painting in my camera and all the pictures were excrement of the highest order without a single usable photo amongst them. Fortunately others who were there are better at photography than I am  Ray (blog at and Lee (blog at both of Postie’s Rejects to name but a couple There were some really tasty looking games on show this year as can be seen by their photos.

Had a great chat with Andy Badger of Pilum Painting and his lady wife and was given a copy of The Reality of War by Leonce Patry about the FPW, which was a very nice surprise. Also spoke at some length to two of the people from the Pendraken Forum, Bernie and a gentleman who uses the soubriquet of Wurrakatte from the wilds of Harlow as well as catching up with some people from Postie’s Rejects, SEEMS and Southend Wargames Club.

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Lee Hadley said...

Always good to see you mate, glad you enjoyed the show (and our pictures).