Friday, 31 January 2014

Unit the second

At this point I think I should make it clear that I have a very limited knowledge of heraldry apart from the odd word here and there, therefore I hope the reader will indulge my possibly long-winded explanations. This is why I have used the Anglicised names for everything rather than try and be clever by using the Latin ones.
Another point to clear up is that all the standards I have used are completely conjectural –as far as I am aware- and have been made up using the clan charge on the clan background. I am not even sure that some of the shapes of the standards are contemporary either –they may be more modern, but in the absence of any accurate depictions, I will stick to any type of design I think looks alright.

Here is another unit of with three bases of differing clans of Polish nobility.

First up with an azure blue field, yellow horseshoe surrounding a cross charge is the Jastrzębiec clan. This clan had lands in the region of Sandomierz. Jakób of Raciborowice, who was castellan of Sandomierz at the time, was killed at the Battle of Chmielnik.

The second base with the white flower on a red field is that of the Poraj clan. This clan is one of the few with a flower as its charge and I have taken a little artistic license with this one. They had lands in the area of Kraków but the first recorded mention wasn’t  until 1358 but I like the charge and hope that the clan is old enough to be included in the roll of 1241.
Third up is the Leliwa clan with a charge of star above a horizontal crescent moon, both in yellow on a blue field. The clan had lands in the regions of Kraków, Poznan and Sandomierz in Poland, as well as holdings in Wolyn and Podolia in what is now the Ukraine.

And here is the whole unit.

By the way, I’ve cracked the grammar problem. I simply write the information as a Word document and then copy it across. Mind-blowingly simple when you think about it but I hadn’t until this post. (I know, if I had a brain, I’d be extremely dangerous.)

On another note, work has started on the first unit of levy infantry but there is no break from cavalry as I have also started the first LC unit of Pendraken Mongols.

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