Saturday, 25 January 2014

Something I just had to do

You know when you get an urge which won’t away until you’ve sorted it? Well I have just sorted one. Earlier this month, in fact last week, I had a package drop through the letter box and inside were my figures from the brand spanking new Pendraken 10mm Mongols range.  Now I know I said this bit was all supposed to be about the Polish but... the new chaps were an itch that I just had to scratch.
If you fancy 10mm Mongols then you can’t go far wrong with these. The detail is great, attention to detail is good and the poses are quite dramatic for the scale. This first mingghan is the first of two heavy cavalry mingghat units. This will be slightly smaller than the other two with only 2 HC and 4 LC mingghat making a total of 101 cavalry in this, my third tümen.
The Polish are coming along apace as well. I have two-thirds of the next nobility unit finished and as well as the final third from that I have started on the first of the infantry levy units. The rest of the army turned up earlier in the week so in total there will be 240 infantry and 85 cavalry in this army when it’s all finished..
On another note, I was quite chuffed with MWBG this month...I was mentioned three times. Not only because of the last in the first series of Mongol articles that I have written but also in the Editorial and also my name was used for the Pendraken quiz.

So, here it is.

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