Monday, 21 February 2011

Pastoral Sqalour a la Wargamer

I know that last post I said that I wouldn't take any photo's of my painting table, I didn't lie, I just forgot that I had taken some a while ago. In fact, checking the puter info uploaded with the pics, they were taken at midnight on 2nd October last year, at the same time as I uploaded the pics from the Derby Show.

So here they are.

In one respect I am quite fortunate in that I have two tables in the tower, the computer table on the left in the top pic, and the painting table on the right in the lower. Nothing has changed, they are both still in a bit of a state, the only major difference is that the small heap of Sassy Levy have been finished.

By the way, in the top left of the puter table pic are two clay busts; these were made by EO and YO while still in full time education. In case you are wondering, they are my runtlings' artistic interpretation of yours truly. In the painting table pic, in front of the jars are two mall, white plastic hemispherical objects. They are actually the widgets from cans of Guinness cut in half, eventually to become the domes on the tops of some more 15mm Middle Eastern houses.

On a footballing front, I listened to the Irons v Burnley match on the radio up here while ripping Warriors from their old bases. 5-1 to the Irons. Result. Next stop is Stoke away in the next round. Stoke have a couple of unpredictably dangerous players, Mr Long Throw Delap and ex-Hammer Matty Etherington who can raise a line of dust as he barrels down the wing at a rate of knots. Keep them out of it and then you only have to worry about the strikers. Game's already won. (Yeah right. WH have done well so far, I just hope they haven't peaked too soon.)

Still blowing Bubbles (NO, not the simian -steady missus- I mean West Ham's signature tune for crying out loud!!!)

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