Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mountain reducing

A never ending job really, a bit like trying to empty the old Norse Horn of Plenty (or whatever it was). Just finished basing up the total current cavalry contingent of the 25mm Carthaginians - 10 bases of Numidian light cavalry. In fact 18 cavalry, one infantryman (a conversion using the top of a Numidian cavalryman and the lower half of a Spanish Scooterati bloke,  gave him a sword insted of a javelin. Standard bearer is also a conversion with a Libyan infantry head on a Numidian cavalry body and a Roman head stuck on a stick. All by Minifigs. The rupert is a rather nice Liby-Phoenician heavy cavalry wallah in dramatic arm-in-the-air pose and made by Warrior. Not bad figures and very reasonable prices.  Pictures to follow when the bases are finished. All I have left to do for the army are about forty Scootorati and Cartrati. Then I should really start thinking about more cavalry.
Slowly clearing the decks in readiness for this years big project.  Getting the figures on Saturday for two compatable armies from the Ancient period... well, mid to late ancients really... actually 6th century AD.

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