Monday, 21 September 2009

More pictures

At the same time as I was clicking away at the Chin I took a few of my ongoing 25mm Carthaginian Army, (remember them, the army using Mini Figs back from when Noah and myself were young). So here they are; the Gallic Warband chaps are from Mini Figs while the hoplites are Lamming. Both units have a number of conversions including head and body swaps - there is even a couple of left-handed warriors in the Warband!
Oh, and by the way, the butterfly mind of yours truly has made another tangential leap of wossname and is now focussed on something completely different. Something that has all the colour and spectacle of 25mm without the mega expense. Yep, 15mm -but not as we know it, captain. More later, when I come back from Derby, which incidentally, is on the weekend after next. If anyone is interested, I will be the madman wandering aimlesly about on the Saturday wearing an Irons  shirt. (Much more modern than a folded copy of the Times under one arm and a pink carnation in my lapel.)
Talking of the Irons, they gave the Reds a run for their money so I heard. It was on Silly Telly but I had to work (not impressed). I got home after the match had been shown on MoTD then refused to get up at 0700 on Sunday to watch it repeated. Saw the goals on MoTD2. That blond Spanish bloke is the best striker in the Premiership at the moment, bar none...unfortunately he wears a Liverpool shirt. Still, can't have everything -at least he doesn't play for Arsenal.

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