Sunday, 5 June 2016

A soupçon of picture editing.

I'm going for a big 'reveal' here...well, maybe not so big. The pictures I have taken of the Polish were mostly taken in natural light -the garden- with my Olympus e-400 digital SLR camera on MACRO setting. Once taken and downloaded I then edit them with the picture program that comes with Microsoft Office 10 to auto edit the colour and brightness.

So, before edit:

After edit:

Keeping this in mind one of the Pendraken forum members mentioned about the brightness of my figures compared to his so I ran the same experiment on a couple of pics he had posted and here are the results:

Before edit:

After edit:

And again, before:

And after:


Clint said...

Hi there. Saw your comment on BIG LEEs Miniature adventures. BLOG. and as another 10mm fan thought to say hi as I too am in Kent. (Garden of well you know!)

Subedai said...

Hi Clint,
Noticed you on the Rejects site.
Yep, we've been living the dream in Maidstone for the last 3 and a half years now, not too far from Postie's Shed o'War -been once and had a great day. Always chat to the Rejects at shows when I see them.

Are you going to any of the later shows this year? I'm going to SELWG's do at Crystal palace in October so if you go with the Rejects I'll probably see you there.

Love Kent - the scenery, history, people and everything.

Clint said...

I do not usually travel with the rejects. but always chat with them. I do hope to go to Selwg this year and will be at Skirmish in September (18th). So with luck I can meet you there, Just get Ray, Postie, Lee or any of the others to point me out.

I also know a few people at the Maidstone Club (Andy, Brian, Tony, Alex etc) so if you go to the Maidstone club I will get to meet you as well. Especially if you help them put on games at shows!

Anyway nice to meet you and am now following your blog.

Subedai said...

Thanks Clint. I have been to the Maidstone Club at Linton twice but as I don't drive it's a bit of a jaunt by public transport. So if I game at all, it's mostly solo at the moment.