Sunday, 31 January 2016

Over a month without painting but...

I've just checked my painting log and the last entry was on December 11th last year and it's now the end of January which means I have gone over a month without picking up a brush.
   But as I've said before, if I'm not painting I'm normally doing something of a wargamey nature and this time is no exception. In the post before last I mentioned finding my Books folder on a stick and that's what I have been doing, finishing off the draft copy of my book; completed it this morning with a grand total of 55,340 words. Now I have the unenviable task of proof reading and fact checking for the second  draft.
Watch this space for more updates as they happen.

As a generalisation, wargamers can get inspired for a new period by all manner of things, reading a book, watching a know what I mean and I think you have a rough idea where this is going. Yes, sure enough, my trip to Poland has rekindled my interest in the Husaria of Renaissance Poland. I already have a fair wedge of information on the period and even -back in my Hamlet Models booklets period- wrote a booklet on them. So, long story short, I've ordered a Battlepack from Pendraken as a starter...just to see how it goes you understand.
   I've actually given this idea a bit of thought and concluded that any foreign troops i.e. reiters and the like will double-up as 30YW or ECW with a standard change, likewise with any MPM (Musket/Pike/Musket) units. In fact a lot of the opposition troops could also come under the MPM umbrella using the same standard swop. At a battle not far from Gdansk there were even 3,100 Landsnecht which gives me a starting point for other Reanaissance armies, if the mood should take me.

Husaria and Cossacks on the same table, what's not to like?

Aaaannnndddd, I have ordered a few more bits and pieces for my 6mm FPW forces to even them up a little.

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