Sunday, 6 September 2015

Another light bulb moment.

For some reason I seem to be one of those people who will always try something the hard way first and then about half way through realise that there is a much easier option.
   So far I have made 8 buildings -mostly terraced houses- for my 6mm campaign which involved a lot of windows all painted by hand. I was in town today when the light bulb flashed on; instead of painting them why not use a chisel-pointed permanent black marker pen. So I've bought one and will try it out...I have high hopes.
   I know, sometimes I even amaze myself.


Ray Rousell said...


Subedai said...

Yeah, I know. Takes me a bit of time sometimes but like the tortoise, I usually get there in the end.

Mick Allen said...

Hello Mick you might find this of some use. I resolved the problem by getting some very thin cartridge paper and cutting out squares for my windows. I glued them in and then painted them black. As they are also slightly in relief it was then a very easy matter to run a brush around the edge to represent the window frame. Therefore you have the windows all the same size and shape with an easily applied frame. No free hand required. Hope this helps Schroe

Mick Allen said...

I'll send you some pics once I've work out how to do it. Derrrr.

Subedai said...

That sounds like a cracking idea mate, unfortunately I have already made about thirty odd buildings and really can't be a**ed to paint them all again, but I will definitely use that method on other period buildings. Anyway, what's wrong with slightly wonky windows with rounded corners? (He,he).

Looking forward to seeing the pics.