Friday, 26 July 2013

More Russians

An update on the progress of the Medieval Russians. The latest is a unit of foot druzhina and are all from the Strelets Russian Army of Alexander Nevsky (Box 0082). The only extra work has been to glue some of the shields down and use brass wire for some of the spears; these longer weapons have gone in the rear rank for protection.

NB. I cannot recommend strongly enough to KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM RUNNING SUPERGLUE. I suppose I am preaching to the converted but guess what? I tried to hold a figure and unbeknowingly my left index finger and left thumb became stuck together. Fortunately the glue had not set properly so I could pull them apart but it was close...and painful. And then, bu**er me, I went and did the self same thing the following night. Not only that but the stuff is a real swine to get off afterwards. Obviously as you get older, the learning curve becomes more like the shape of a tortoises shell rather than a mountain peak!

It hasn't shown up too well but there is brass edging on some of the helmets...
 ...and the two blokes in the middle of the group are wearing brass armour, honest.
I know I said I was not too enamoured with painting icons but I did a quick T and triangle job and I think it looks okay. Took all of five minutes.

That now leaves me with two units left, one of militia and the other of smerdy. Both are prepped with undercoat and stain and are ready to go.

Retail plug alert:
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