Sunday, 30 September 2012

Derby again!

I tell you something, the last year has shot by, but unfortunately, not much has been started or finished on the wargaming front. I reckon my total to date since last October is 15 15mm figures, some 15mm vehicles and some 6mm SciFi skirmish figures, models and terrain.

And that is it!

Pitiful, absolutely pitiful.

But the good news, such as it is, is that I finally found the box of ACW 115mm figures I have been hunting for for ages. You will never guess where I found it.

Just to the left of the fan on the shelf above the printer is some rolled over A4 can just see the edge of the box on the left of the sheets. The bl**dy thing had been right in front of me for the whole time. Cavalry, wagons, generals, artillery, infantry, the whole lot, it's all there. Wonderful. Now all I've got to do is add it to the 'things to be painted' list. As you can imagine, I chuckled...not at first mind.

Family wise, MO has got himself a role as the voiceover for a certain crisps in a tube company sponsorship thingy. Basically, films on Channel 5 over here in the Old Country for the next few months will have his voice and parts of him on screen as the ad break starts and ends.

Now to Derby. I'm really looking forward to this one because it appears that a number of the WD 3 Wargames forumers?? including yours truly are having a meet in the bar -where else, I ask you- for a few wets. Be nice to put more faces to the avatars. I caught with a couple last year and they will be there this time as well.
   Also, I have decided that I will get some different opposition for my 10mm Mongols. As you know I have a sizable Song Chinese Army to face them but I intend to get some Khwarizmians; I've e-mailed Mr Kay at Irregular and they should be waiting for me on arrival. Can't think of anything else I need at the moment apart from some static grass and flock. I intend to take some pics of the games as well; I took a load at last years show but never got around to posting them.
    This could conceivably be the last Derby that I get for a few years, as soon as we have sold the house we are moving back down south, Kent to be a little more precise. Loads of good shows down there (apart form Salute which I can't stand) -Tunbridge Wells, Reading, SELWG, and more than a few in my native county, Essex.

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airhead said...

Good luck with the move down south, thanks for the mention.

All the best