Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Had a stroke of good fortune yesterday. I went into Brum to do a little research on a work related, non-wargaming project at the main library and thought 'while I'm here I'll stock up on paint and flock from the Ian Allen shop.' Then, when I came out of the library I had an even better idea, 'go and have a swift dekko at Wayland's Forge as it's pretty close.' So I did and never got to Ian Allen because I found a bag of each of Cuman, Bulgars and Pecheneg cavalry in Old Glory 15's going for a Melvin (£5) a throw; 45 cavalry for £15, works out at .33p each. More figures for the slow build Mongol Army. Well impressed and as I said, bargain.

Don't forget,

Keep it damp.


Andy McMaster said...

They've had bags of OG 15s reduced for a good while. I was in there a couple of years ago and cleared them out of Punic related stuff. Then a year later I sold the lot as I hadn't painted a bloody thing! :)
Nice little shop though.

Subedai said...

To be honest it's been even longer for me. I haven't worked in town for at least three years and it must have been at least two years before that when I was last in the shop. (If memory serves, I bought a pack of 12 different height 25mm fir trees for about a fiver. Another bargain!) Might back next decade and see what they've got this time.