Thursday, 7 May 2009

Long Time Passing

Well, its now the middle of May and all sorts of thinigs have happened. Gainfully employed again albeit for only 18 hours a week. Started writing a fantasy novel just to see what happens. Painted Jack all coz its too cold in the upper north wing. Broke two computers, had to wipe this one today to ensure fastest possible time repsonse interfacing wotnot?!! I don't know, the last real computers I worked on were about the size of a house, the largest at the time used little gold rings to represent binary code and had a huge capacity of 1KB. Yeah, pick the bones out of that one you modernists! Back in the day we had real computers, not the plastic ones you get nowadays.
Looking wistfully at the pile of 10mm Celts on my table and hoping every time that they will paint themselves but so far...nothing. Probably as much chance of winnning the lottery, looks like I'll have to do the job myself - when I can work up the enthusiasm.
West Ham are doing okay, currently lying seventh in the table but they've got Liverpool on Saturday then Everton the week after and then finally Middlesborough. What an end to the season. If they can stay seventh it'll be brilliant but I can't see it, not with that opposition.

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