Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fun Time Over

For the past few days the good lady and myself have been on a pilgrimage further ooop north from our country pile on the outskirts of Brummagem to the wilds of South Yorkshyre where the the youngest offspring (YO) is at Uni studying something medical. Too intelligent by half for the likes of yours truly. Only took an hour and a half by horseless carriage, bargain. Mind you,the boyfriend of YO is a safe but fast driver if you know what I mean. 
Whilst there took in some of the not-so-local sights, in fact we ended up at the Heights of Abraham in Matlock in deepest Derbycestershire (to quote another blogger). Came out of the caverns just in time to get wetter than soaked by a vertical river of a downpour. All good fun...once we'd all dried out.
   Consequently nothing much of note has happened in the way of rule writing. Apologies for the quality of the photo at the very head of the blog, I took about eight and that was the best one. To save you, the good reader from going boss-eyed trying to work out what it's a base of some 10mm Mongol Supporting Cavalry. The photos will get better once I have a dry enough day to take some outside in the grounds.  I have added some photos of a Mongol v Poles/Russians game from a show a couple of years ago for your perusal.
All my own work including the non-pine trees and buidings et al.

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