Friday, 5 March 2021

 A brand new post...finally!

Right, two and a half years down the line I thought it would be a good time to update the blog on what’s been happening.

 I’ve become a granddad -or Grampy as I’m known- for the second time. Our daughter gave birth to a right little bundle in November before last. We get to WhattsApp them nearly every day.

   In no particular order I managed to get to some local shows –remember them?- and a mate got tickets for the Man City v Watford FA Cup Final, what a day out that was, never been to Wembley before. Got some pics of the day as well.

   Wargaming wise, a lot has happened on the painting front but not toooooo much on the gaming side –even before this Covid thing. In fact, the Covid situation hasn’t changed my life in any way apart from wearing the bl**dy mask. Hate them, a throwback to my experiences with Army dentists; not quite a panic attack, but shortness of breath can become an issue. I know, probably psychosomatic but there you go.

   You may remember the 6mm Early War and the Renaissance Italian/Imaginations projects I had talked about in earlier posts. Well, they are all pretty much complete…I say complete but of course you know that will never happen. I have just received some more German vehicles so they are to be done and I am currently painting some army standards for the Italian Wars, unit flags and the chaps can be seen in the pictures.

   Latest army to be done is my Rapier Mongols. Absolutely beautiful looking little chaps and a joy to paint – all 225 of them! Also in the pipeline are the Macedonians, a mix of H&R and Rapier. Not only that I found more 6mm FPW so they have been undercoated and are next in line to be done.

  Now, you may be thinking that it’s taken a hell of a long time just for those armies but in the summer months I have sat in the garden and made a lot of buildings for the Early War project. All of them are made from my staple of cereal box card. Again pics below.

  So there you have it, a quick update and I hope to be more diligent with my blogging in the future; lets face it, it couldn’t really be any worse.

Rapier Mongols

EW Germans

EW British

EW French

Renaissance Infantry, artillery and commanders

Renaissance infantry standards which can slide over pikes, poles etc. 

Renaissance cavalry, trayne etc

Macedonians (top) and Sassanids/ Achaemenids (bottom)

Football stadium, cathedral and industrial building

Four different churches including an Italian one (rear)

4 more industrial buildings and some stand alone rubble bits

Two more industrial buildings, a windmill, oil/gas tank, ruined house and castle tower, a town statue and two pillboxes. 


Ray Rousell said...

You have been a busy boy! Good to see you blogging again ol chap!

Subedai said...

Cheers Ray. It's about time I started doing stuff again.

airhead said...

Great update, looks like lots of fun, keep up the good work.
All the best